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Educational 4-Book Bundle Magic Practice Copybooks

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Educational 4-Book Bundle Magic Practice Copybooks

Growing Your Kids to as Confident and Competent Writers

Writing is a complex skill that develops over time. To learn writing, children need to combine fine motor skills, language, memory, and concentration. They also need to practice and follow instructions. Writing starts with scribbling and drawing then moves on to forming letters and words. You can encourage your child to develop an interest in handwriting by giving them opportunities to draw, scribble and write. This prepares your child for the formal handwriting they’ll learn at school.

While writing holds many challenges, it can also be fun and exciting for your young ones. One of the many ways you can help your child have an interest in writing is by providing them with their own Educational 4-Book Bundle Magic Practice Copybooks from us. Your kids can learn 4 important subjects at the same time: DRAWING, ALPHABET, NUMBER, MATH.

Writing is Fun with Kidzyy

Children all learn at their own pace and in their own way. These sets of 4 writing books provide them with the best tools and opportunities for your children to thrive in life.

Make writing easier & faster.
Learning 4 important subjects at the same time: DRAWING, ALPHABET, NUMBER, MATH.
In more than a week, your child will learn handwriting, math, motor skills and overall learning capabilities.
✅ The magic ink will
disappear in 30 minutes after writing, the book will be ready for another go!

Special Features:

LEARN 4 IMPORTANT SUBJECTS: Our 4-Book bundle will cover the 4 subjects that are crucial for your kid: DRAWING, ALPHABET, NUMBER, MATH. Moreover, the books are designed to help improve the kid's visual skills, motor skills, visual skills and in the overall skill of learning.

REUSABLE: Comes with a pen and magic ink refills, the books will automatically fade and can be reused after 30 to 60 minutes. The ink will automatically disappear after drying, great for repeated practice. If you don't want to re-use the book, you can use a standard ballpoint pen.

EASY TO USE: The copybooks have three-dimensional grooves template design, which is convenient for kids to master writing. Your child just needs to follow the simple instructions in the book. By this way, it will help kids to develop curiosity and motivation to color, draw and learn letters and words by themselves.

HIGH-QUALITY PAPER: The paper is thick and not easy to smudge. It is also strong and durable, comfortable enough for your kids to enjoy writing at ease.

PEN HOLDER ASSISTANCE: There is a silicone handwriting aid provided. It not only helps correct writing grip posture but also makes the writing time become easier.

Packing list: The set contains: 4 book bundle, 1 Pen-holder, 1 Pen and 10 Leads.


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